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We understand that landlord-tenant disputes can be extremely complicated, difficult matters. If not handled correctly, a simple dispute can explode into a courtroom scenario, costing you additional time and money that could have been avoided. With our firm at your side, we can inform you of your rights and represent you through every stage of your particular case.

We all have rights - todos tenemos derechos.

Are you involved in a landlord-tenant dispute?

The laws that determine landlord and tenant rights and duties have a tendency to fall under harsh scrutiny. Because most landlord and tenant relationships are based on a contract, having a comprehensible and easy-to-understand agreement can potentially eliminate any risk of potential lawsuits. If you find yourself in an argument, dispute, or dilemma with your landlord or tenant, we can take the time to address your case personally, attentively and carefully.

Our knowledgeable Kissimmee lawyers have successfully handled many cases involving landlord and tenant rights, including the following:

  • Landlord failure to rent a dwelling safe to be lived in
  • Landlord failure to provide safe environment
  • Landlord failure to provide maintenance services, including fixing broken ceilings, leaking roofs, malfunctioning appliances, or destroyed structures on the premises
  • Tenant failure to pay monthly rent
  • Tenant failure to comply with rental agreements
  • Tenant illegally withholding rent
  • Eviction or foreclosure hearings

Many people decide to rent their property without knowing the consequences of a poor rental agreement. Failing to understand your rights, duties and obligations under a contractual agreement could be potentially devastating.

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From contract review, negotiations with your landlord, mediation with your tenant, or if needed, litigation representation, the Kissimmee lawyers at Melendez Law Offices, P.A. are here to support you. Without the right representation on your side, you could be risking serious repercussions. Our firm can provide representation to both landlords and tenants in surrounding areas throughout central Florida, including Orlando, Orange County, and Kissimmee.

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