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Theft crimes refer to a broad range of crimes that involve taking someone else's property without his or her permission, using fraudulent means to take the property, and taking the property without the intent of returning it to the original owner. Theft does not necessarily have to involve money but also can involve merchandise, such as clothing or jewelry, property from a home, or items such as a car, credit cards, and bank account information.

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Types of Theft Crimes

Whether you are facing a first-time offense or have been charged with multiple offenses, our firm is here to defend your rights tirelessly. Our Kissimmee criminal defense attorneys stand ready to fight for you!

Melendez Law Offices, P.A.​ has had experience defending individuals in a wide range of theft crime cases, including the following:

  • Robbery and aggravated robbery
  • Petit theft
  • Grand theft
  • Shoplifting

If you or your loved one has been arrested for a theft crime in Kissimmee, do not wait another moment to retain the legal assistance that you are entitled to receive. You have the constitutional right to secure legal counsel. We can take active steps toward helping you protect your freedom and your rights.

Consequences of Theft Crimes Include Potential Deportation

Individuals who have been arrested for theft crimes can face serious penalties. In addition to consequences such as jail time, excessive fines, and a criminal record, some individuals may find themselves at risk of deportation. If you have been arrested for a theft crime while in the United States, there will be no room for error in your defense. Our Kissimmee theft lawyers know your rights and how to investigate the claims against you. We know that this time can be frightening, but we reassure you that with the right representation on your side, there may be defenses available to you.

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