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Millions of Americans seek affordable healthcare. As a result, both healthcare providers and recipients have come under harsh scrutiny by the federal government. The result has included a significant increase in individuals, healthcare providers, and medical institutions being charged with criminal acts involving healthcare fraud, but not all allegations have been based on legal searches or investigations.

If you have been accused of Medicare or Medicaid fraud, do not speak with anyone until you have secured legal assistance from a Kissimmee criminal defense attorney at Melendez Law Offices, P.A. It may be tempting to speak with law enforcement, especially if you do not think that you have done anything wrong. It will be crucial to your case to remain silent and seek legal counsel immediately. Anything you say could accidentally incriminate you for an act that you may not have necessarily committed.

Defense Against Healthcare Fraud Allegations

Whether you are a healthcare provider or Medicare recipient, we stand ready to provide an effective defense for you. Not only do we believe that our clients have the right to secure legal representation but we also know that our clients deserve medical benefits. Healthcare can be invaluable to anyone, and we can defend you after criminal allegations have been made against you.

We have represented recipients and healthcare professionals who have been suspected of committing Medicare or Medicaid fraud in cases involving:

  • Providing fraudulent information on a Medicaid or Medicare application
  • Knowingly receiving excessive treatments, services, or medical supplies
  • Selling Medicare or Medicaid benefits to another person
  • Fraudulently prescribing or billing for unnecessary services, medical equipment, and medical procedures
  • Fraudulent cost reports
  • Kickbacks or self-referrals
  • Improper billing
  • False medical claims
  • Claims fraud and improper claims practices
  • "Phantom" billing
  • Patient billing
  • Billing for unbundled services
  • False invoicing
  • Overutilization of certain medical services

Healthcare fraud can be exceptionally hard to prove or establish. We understand what the professional and personal repercussions of being accused of fraud are. We aggressively defend your rights no matter how difficult your case may seem.

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If you have been accused of healthcare fraud involving Medicare or Medicaid, we encourage you to call our firm immediately. The sooner we can begin investigating your case, the sooner we can create an argument on your behalf, secure evidence that can protect your rights, and defend your name against criminal allegations. We work closely with other professionals and experts in the medical field and we can conduct thorough investigations on your behalf.

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